Foam Packaging for Food & Fragile Goods

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With great workability, customizable density, and excellent shock absorption, IXPE is one of the best packaging materials.

It has a certain stretch and can be formed by heat treatment which mean shapes are only limited by molding. It also has excellent plasticity and can be transformed into packaging lining material of any shape. It can be compounded with other materials such as aluminum film and PE film to meet specific needs, for example, extra heat preservation and electromagnetic shielding.

The common use cases include food packaging (fruits, eggs), electronic products, toolbox, etc.

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Electrical Products

Combining IXPE foam with materials like conductive fillers, IXPE packages for electrics has unique advantages that are essential for the storage and transportation of sensitive devices and home appliances alike. Its benefits include permanent anti-static, conductive, high-temperature resistance up to 80℃, chemical resistance, no chemical corrosion, etc. The high workability of the foam itself makes it possible to cut unlimited shapes that fit all products. 

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Food Packaging

IXPE is toxic-free, anti-weather, and elastic.  Compared with traditional food packaging materials like paper and styrofoam, IXPE is superior in cushioning, moisture control, and eco-friendly. Although the cost may be higher than paper and styrofoam, many high-end food products have started using IXPE. 


The product specifications are listed below. Customization is available.

For Packaging


Size (mm)

Error range(mm)










Expansion Rate

20/30 times


Black as standard, customizable

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