Foam Tapes: Industrial Tape & Medical Use

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The close-cell structure makes IXPE an ideal base for industrial adhesive tapes. High sealing performance, high workability, and high tear & elongation strength allow various application scenarios such as fixing electronic devices for automobiles, fixing building interior parts, and fixing electronic components.

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Thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 8 mm per single layer, our products cover both the ultra-thin trend of electronics industries and other needs of industries including building materials, home accessories, electronic appliances, automotive interiors, medical protection, precision machinery, sealing strips, automotive decoration, signs, photo frames, mirror frames, kitchen appliances, architectural decoration, metal mosaics, furniture decoration, decorative strips, shockproof electronic appliances, etc.

The product specifications are listed below. Customization is available.

For Tapes


Size (mm)

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Expansion Rate

15/18/20 times



Industrial Tape

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Coated with strong solvent acrylic adhesive, double-sided IXPE tape is widely used in the automobile industry, to work on irregular surfaces, fixing nameplates and mirrors. Foam core keeps a balance between conformability, strength, and workability, its ability to absorb shock and withstand up to 120℃ also makes IXPE tape ideal for mounting decorative objects or electronic devices inside cars. 

Medical Use

IXPE is safe for some medical uses such as ECG/EKG electrodes, medical trays, splint tapes, etc. It’s eco-friendly, without heavy metals, safe to direct contact. It’s light-weighted, resists fluids, and is flexible, which means easy to wear and ensures trace quality. 

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For daily use, IXPE-based foam tape works great as door/window gaps sealer and as an adhesive for mounting metal objects. 

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