Ultra-thin IXPE Sheet for Electronic Equi Pment

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When it comes to sealing sensitive electronic equipment or IT devices, the key is to fill the smallest gaps possible while keeping the thinness and thermal conductivity. This happens to be one of the advantages of IXPE foam.

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Thanks to the closed-cell structure, the thickness of IXPE foam can be reduced to the limit while keeping the basic characteristics like shock absorption, chemical resistance, high workability, etc. Thus, the water/dust proofing and heat-dissipating performance that is essential to electronic devices are uncompromised.

Ultra-Thin IXPE, ranging from 0.06mm to 0.2 mm, checks all the boxes and is an excellent material for such cases. 

For smartphones and tablets, one of the most common application scenarios of IXPE is right under the displays.

Coated with adhesive, ultra-thin IXPE for smartphones can be cut into shapes depending on the screen size and shape, providing heat-insulating, water/dust proofing, and shock absorption while working as normal tapes. 

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Within the devices, the foams are usually found around cells, chips, and camera modules. They not only protect the parts from water and shock but also serve as heat management (extra coating may be needed). 

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