Air Conditioner Insulation Material & Sports Protective Gears

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Rich in color choices, nice weather resistance properties, high workability, and easy to be compounded with other materials, IXPP can be found in many general products that require such properties.

Its outstanding shock-absorbing performance is also good for sports protective gears. For example, sports products like yoga mats and bricks; leisure products like camping mats; cushioning in packaging.

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Cushioning Material for Packaging

Inevitably, IXPP is one of the best materials for packing fragile glasses, fruits, and sensitive equipment. It has a certain stretch and can be formed by heat treatment which means shapes are only limited by molding. It also has excellent plasticity and can be transformed into packaging lining material of any shape. It can be compounded with other materials such as aluminum film and PE film to meet specific needs, for example, extra heat preservation and electromagnetic shielding.

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● High flexibility and easy workability

● High oil resistance

● Chemical resistance

● Can add extra electric prosperities as needed

● Tear resistance

● Eco-friendly

Pipe Insulation

Helps reduce heat loss from hot water pipes and additionally protects the pipes from freezing during winter, the pipe lagging comes in various diameters depending on the level of insulation required. The softness and high workability of IXPP also mean it can be signed to fit with ease and is suitable for straight pipe runs or pipes with bends and corners. And without a doubt, other characteristics of IXPP foam such as waterproof, shock absorption, and flame retardancy are all standard. 

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● For hot and cold-water pipes

● Moderate repulsive force

● Flame retardancy

● Preventing condensation

● Anti-aging

Sports Protective Gears

IXPP's good shock absorption and rebound performance make it a good cushioning material, serving as protective equipment for athletes in various high-intensity competitive sports. After being processed and synthesized with other materials, it can also have antibacterial and deodorant functions. Highly customizable also means a variety of styles and colors.

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● Shock absorbing

● Water-resistant

● Tear resistance

● Odorless

● Soft, lightweight, and flexible

● Color customizable

Recreational Sports Gears

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Made of IXPE/IXPP foam, pool noodles are colorful buoyant hot-roll foam sticks providing excellent and endless floatation in the water. The products can be used for swimming learners or for recreational purposes.  

Sturdy and snit-slip, pool mats are not only safe but also offer endless fun on and off the water. Since made of IXPE/IXPP, they are environment friendly, odorless, durable, and tough. 

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Camping Mats

Portable, lightweight, folded design. IXPP/IXPE camping mats reduce heat conduction, achieve heat preservation, and repel moisture, plus the softness, these mats can easily be used for camping, on the beach, and even in offices. 

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● Moderate repulse force

● Lightweight

● Thermal capture surface reflects radiant heat back to amplifying warmth

● Durable, long-lasting performance thanks to the closed-cell structure

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