Camping Mats & Cushioning Material for Package

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Rich in color choices, nice weather resistance properties, easy workability, and easy to be compounded with other materials, IXPP can be found in many general products that require such properties.

Its outstanding shock-absorbing performance is also good for sports protective gears. For example, sports products like yoga mats and bricks; leisure products like camping mats; cushioning in packaging.

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Camping Mats

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● Moderate repulse force

● Lightweight

● Thermal capture surface reflects radiant heat back to amplifying warmth

● Durable, long-lasting performance thanks to the closed-cell structure

Cushioning Material for Package

● High flexibility and easy workability

● High oil resistance

● Chemical resistance

● Can add extra electric prosperities as needed

● Tear resistance

● Eco-friendly

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Air Conditioner Insulation Material

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● For hot and cold-water pipes

● Moderate repulsive force

● Flame retardancy

● Preventing condensation

● Anti-aging

Sports Protective Gears

● Shock absorbing

● Water-resistant

● Tear resistance

● Odorless

● Soft, lightweight, and flexible

● Color customizable

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