Customizable IXPE Underlayment for Various Floor Types

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IXPE makes great flooring underlayment due to its closed-cell structure and controllable expansion ratio. The lifespan of IXPE is also significantly longer than traditional PE foam.

As a material, IXPE is good for acoustical insulation, thermal insulation, mold & mildew resistance, and is flame-retardant. It also has excellent waterproof performance since the water absorption rate of the product is almost zero.

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Additional processing gives features that meet the needs of different scenarios. For example, overlapping multiple layers of IXPE or combining the foam with other materials can add benefits such as advanced shock absorption, anti-static, or electrical conductivity. 

We ship our products in the form of rolls or pre-cut sheets, the specifications are listed below. 

Flooring underlayment


Size (mm)

Error range(mm)










Expansion Rate

7.5/10/15 times


Black and white as standard, customizable



Customization is available. Feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help you to find the best solution.  

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Plain sheets for flooring underlayment

Most commonly, IXPE sheets were directly layed under hardwood, laminate wood, WPC floors, etc. to improve sound damping, which effectively reduces indoor audio, provides good rebound, impact resistance, and makes walking more comfortable.

Surface patterns, thickness, and color are customizable.

Compounded IXPE flooring underlayment

To better resist moisture and work with floor heating systems, more and more people started choosing products compounded with aluminum foil and a modified surface with perforated holes that allows maximum and even heat transfer to save energy.

Surface patterns, thickness, and color are customizable.

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Picture 4

IXPE underlayment for SPC floors

Newer products like SPC floors directly integrate IXPE back padding into planks. Since underlayment and plank are in one piece, the installment requires less time and steps, and material waste is reduced to zero.

Thickness customizable

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