What kind of material is IXPE

IXPE refers to IXPE foamed cotton. The full name of IXPE material is electron radiation cross-linked polyethylene foam material. It is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, together with several other auxiliary materials that do not contain any harmful substances, and is first mixed and extruded. Through the green and healthy irradiation processing technology, the cross-linking generated by the action of ionizing radiation on the material changes the original structure of the substrate, forming a reticulated independent closed-cell structure, and producing high-tech high-grade closed-cell foam materials Such products have smooth appearance, comfortable hand feeling and good processability. Its cells are fine and uniform, tough and flexible, excellent in sound insulation, heat insulation and thermal insulation, low water absorption, elasticity, weather resistance, aging resistance, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance of various chemical reagents, etc. It is a functional material that meets international standards. The main raw material of IXPE is low density polyethylene (LDPE), supplemented by foaming agent, crosslinking agent and other auxiliary materials. After melt-mixing extrusion molding, the irradiation processing technology is used to carry out cross-linking of Green Health ionization radiation, and then continuous foaming at high temperature. IXPEIXPE foamed cotton is a functional polymer foam material that meets international environmental protection standards. Its surface is smooth and flat, the internal cells are even and delicate, and the water absorption rate is very low. It has good sound insulation, heat insulation, cushioning and damping, water and moisture resistance and mechanical properties. It is the first choice for manufacturing foam tape, floor mute mat, air conditioning insulation pipe, packing inner support, etc.

Post time: Aug-15-2022