What is the difference between foam and sponge?

The difference is still huge.

Features of EVA foam: Waterproof: closed foam cell structure, no moisture absorption, waterproof, excellent waterproof performance.

Corrosion resistance: resistant to chemical corrosion such as marine, vegetable oil, acid, alkali, etc., antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting.

Process performance: no joints, easy to compress, cut, glue, cater and other production and processing.

Vibration resistance: high resilience, high support resistance, high ductility, good shock resistance and cushioning.

Heat insulation: heat insulation, heat insulation, antifreeze, ultra-low temperature, excellent performance, cold resistance and sun resistance.

Heat insulation: closed bubble holes, sound insulation and noise reduction effect is very good.

Sponge and EVA bubbles.

Difference: PVA sponge: Acrylic emulsion is the condensation reaction of acrylic emulsion and formaldehyde content, it is a milky white or light yellow amorphous solid.

The melting point is higher than that of the homologous acetal (140~150℃), the compressive strength, stiffness and strength are high, and the bonding performance is excellent; it is good in wear resistance and electrical equipment insulation; good waterproof and corrosion resistance , good alkali resistance.

Flammable, black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Melting and dripping, with special smell.

Bubble cotton: high relative density, strong water absorption, harder bubble cotton, good ductility, good wear resistance, not easy to scratch, not easy to scrub, not easy to desquamate.

After the particles and liquid enter the bubble hole, it is not easy to fall off or squeeze at will, and has a good ability to close.

Bubble cotton is a porous structure elastomer material, which is made of special phenolic resin glue with chemical cross-linking reflection.

It has obvious water absorption in the molecule.

Different from ordinary urethane sponge, polyvinyl chloride foam has high water absorption, and the capillary phenomenon is caused by the meandering pores, giving full play to the good moisture absorption and water locking properties.

Post time: Jul-08-2022