What is IXPE foam?

IXPE foam has a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, for EVA with butadiene formate content less than 5%, its mechanical equipment is plastic film, wire and cable, LDPE modified engineering plastics, adhesive, etc.; butadiene formate content is less than 5%~10%. EVA products are plastic films, etc.; EVA with butadiene formate content less than 20%~28% is suitable for hot melt adhesives and coating products; butadiene formate content is higher than 5%~45%, important products For plastic film (including agricultural film) and plastic plate, injection mold processing. Rubber and plastic products, polyurethane thermal insulation products, hot melt adhesives, etc.

1. Plastic film. Sheet and layered products: with sealing, adhesiveness, flexibility, strong plasticity, tightening type, suitable for plastic packaging film, shrink film plastic film, agricultural film, food industry packaging film, layer It can be used for the inner layer of isoprene rubber laminated plastic film.

2. General tools: It has the advantages of flexibility, resistance to thermal stress cracking in ecological environment, and good weather resistance. It is suitable for industrial production raw materials such as cable sheathing in power installation engineering, spare parts for household appliances, and window rubber seals.

3. Daily necessities include stationery, toys, cushions, gauze, airtight container covers, EVA plastic basketball games, etc.

4. Car decorations include shock absorbers. Bumpers. Car interior and exterior decorations, etc.

5. Polyurethane thermal insulation products: use plastic foam slippers, sandals, building materials, etc. for polyurethane thermal insulation. Injection mold processing polyurethane insulation has various industrial production parts, women's shoe soles, hot melt adhesives, etc.

Automobiles. Central air-conditioning. Household refrigerators. Freezers. Household electrical appliances. Construction engineering refrigeration, etc.

Furniture panels for foam tape products: quick-freezing cold storage. Cold-proof construction works. Lightweight roof. Insulating raw materials for engineering construction and other projects; car seats. internal part. ceiling. foot pads. Baffle plate raw materials; electrical products. Precision machined car dashboard. The outer packaging of seismic grade cache files and other experimental instruments and other digital technology products. Automotive electronic parts. The air conditioner does not activate the accessory parts. Cold storage insulation raw materials. Closed cache file for industrial equipment. Heat-setting parts, various instruments and equipment. Diagnostic and therapeutic CNC tools. Outer packaging and lining of testing instruments, stationery. Intellectual Lego toys, etc.

Post time: Jul-08-2022