What are the characteristics of IXPE foam?

IXPE polyurethane foam is a new type of thermal insulation material made of polypropylene (PP) and carbon dioxide gas polyurethane foam.

Its relative density is controlled at 0.10-0.70g/cm3, and the thickness is 1mm-20mm.

It has good heat resistance (maximum application ambient temperature is 120%) and specification reliability of high temperature products, with a suitable docile surface layer, excellent microwave heating adaptability and biodegradability.

IXPE (cross-linked polyethylene), also known as bridging foam, can adjust the soft strength and thickness arbitrarily, light weight, is irreplaceable for other polyurethane foam materials, can be compression molded, and can also be produced flame retardant, suitable for sports protection , bag leather goods, vehicles, aerospace, engineering construction, shoes, small toys, central air conditioning, crude oil insulation pipes, etc.

Related Features:

Thermal insulation – its small independent bubble structure can reasonably reduce the power exchange caused by air convection, and is suitable for making thermal insulation steel pipes and thermal insulation boards.

And considering the condensed water, it is very suitable for wet natural environment insulation materials such as refrigerators, central air conditioners, and freezer warehouses.

Sound insulation – with sound absorption and noise reduction effects, it is suitable for sound insulation and sound absorption materials in airports, locomotives, vehicles, motors and other strong noise mechanical equipment and natural environments.

Molding – strong temperature resistance, good plastic performance, symmetrical relative density, can complete deep position molding such as plastic molding machine and thermoforming, can be used for automotive air conditioning volatile cabinets, vehicle pressure roofs and other automotive interior parts and shoe material level raw materials.

The buffer material is a semi-rigid polyurethane foam, which will not lose its original characteristics. It is mainly used in industries such as instruments, semiconductor material packaging, etc., and can also be easily formed using it for sports protection equipment and furniture industries.

In addition, IXPE also has the characteristics of non-toxic, no odor, drug resistance, acid and alkali resistance, acid resistance, halogen resistance and other chemicals. It is easy to produce and process, and can be cut at will to meet various raw materials. As a new generation of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, Environmentally friendly raw materials will have broad prospects for development.

Post time: Jul-08-2022